Five reasons to book an airport transfer before you leave home

Flights are booked, accommodation is all planned and you've got a list of activities to fill up every moment in Caloundra from the beach to the fun park. Now how are you getting to Caloundra from the airport?

Getting to your destination from the airport is often overlooked in the planning, but it can cost you in terms of money and stress. It's best to book an airport transfer ahead of time to ensure your trip gets off on the right step. Here are five reasons why you need to arrange it before you lock up the suitcase and leave home.

There is less stress on arrival. Arriving at an airport is often the most stressful part of your trip. Even if you've flown into the airport before, things can change. It can be hard to find a taxi, work out where to catch public transport from or find the correct rental car bay. An airport transfer eliminates the worry and means you'll get to where you're going as easily as possible.  

It's a better value than a taxi. Taxis are expensive and not all taxis from Brisbane Airport will travel up to Caloundra. Even if they do, many of the taxi drivers are unfamiliar with the roads and may unwittingly take you on a longer (and thus more expensive) route. An airport transfer will save you money, give you the added value of a driver who knows where they're going and if they decide to take the scenic route because of traffic, you can relax, knowing that your wallet won't suffer.  

You can avoid traffic havoc. The beauty of the Sunshine Coast may be lost on you if you're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on arrival. There's no denying that traffic to Caloundra has increased in recent years and at busy times the route can be slow going. If you're stuck in an unfamiliar rental car, the constant stopping and starting are even more stressful. An airport transfer means you can relax on the way while the driver worries about the best and fastest route to get you through the crowds to the golden beaches. You'll feel like a king well before you arrive at Kings Beach.

Large items can be a big headache. If you're heading to or from Caloundra, you may well be bringing a surfboard to take advantage of the waves or perhaps an extra large bag to fit in all of the shopping. Trying to get a taxi with large or bulky items can be difficult and will be costly. If you book an airport transfer ahead of time, you can ensure your luggage requirements can be met.  

You can arrive back on time. Traffic can be unpredictable on the Gateway and Bruce Motorways. If you're flying out at a busy time, it may be difficult to know how to allow enough time for the journey, without spending unnecessary hours at the airport. An airport transfer means you can be sure the company has allowed enough time for the journey while taking into account local conditions.

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