How To Choose A School Bus Service

Finding a school bus service could seem easy since there are many bus rental companies in Australia. However, this is not always the case since you need to make various considerations when renting a school bus. Here are some tips to help you choose a school bus service

Choose A Suitable Bus

Assess your transport plans to determine what bus you need to transport the kids. The seating capacity is a major concern since you need the kids to travel in comfort. You should also check the bus make and model to determine its suitability for your trip. Some considerations to make include:

  • Check the engine size and gross vehicle mass (GVM) to determine the bus's power and weight capacity.
  • If the kids will carry a lot of luggage, check the available luggage space on the bus.
  • If you plan to drive off-road, ensure the bus has sufficient ground clearance.
  • When camping, consider buses with water tanks, washrooms, awnings, and a kitchen. Entertainment equipment such as sound systems and LCD screens come in handy when travelling on a long trip.
  • Consider buses with large windows. This way, the kids can view the landscape during the trip. 

Assess The Safety Features On The Bus

As a best practice, the rental bus must be safe for the kids. So, how do you examine the safety features of the bus? Start by conducting a thorough inspection to ensure the bus is roadworthy. Remember, faulty brakes, a dying engine, damaged suspension, and worn-out tires could cause accidents on the road. You must also ensure the rental bus has an emergency door, fire extinguishers, and a first aid box. They come in handy if the bus suffers an accident. Check for any defects that could predispose the kids to injuries during the trip. For instance, seats with broken seatbelts could cause harm to the children

Inquire About The Rental Conditions

What are the rental conditions? Do not make assumptions. Instead, ask the rental company to send you the rental contract. Read the agreement's fine print to determine whether the service is the right match. For example, when should you return the bus? Does the service provide an experienced driver? Review and negotiate the rental charges before making your booking. Additionally, ask the bus hire company for complimentary services.  

When choosing a school bus service, choose a suitable bus, assess the safety features, and assess the rental conditions. 

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