Airport To Hotel | 3 Discount Tactics To Bring Down The Costs Of Airport Transport To Your Hotel

If you're travelling for business or pleasure, you'll probably need to take some form of transport from the airport to your hotel. You have the options of taxis, but they can often end up pinching your pocket significantly. Cheaper options like public transport can be a nuisance when you have heavy bags. An airport shuttle may be just what you need, but follow these negotiation tactics to bring the down the costs of the shuttle service to your hotel.

Reserve The Shuttle In Advance To Take Advantage Of Deeper Discounts

If you're looking to get a deeper discount on your airport to hotel shuttle transportation, then it's sensible to make a reservation in advance to get deeper discounts. If you book at the last minute or head over to the shuttle counter upon your arrival, you'll most likely end up paying extra, which you can avoid by making a booking well before your actual arrival. Many shuttle services offer early-bird specials, so you should look out for these before making a booking to get the best possible deal.

Choose A Central Hotel To Avoid Paying Extra Transportation Costs Throughout Your Trip

Shuttle services typically offer the cheapest rates to a central location and will charge extra for anything beyond that. You may want to choose a central hotel or hostel to avoid paying extra for transport. Choosing a central hotel is also prudent for your transport needs throughout your stay because you won't need to spend too much getting to different attractions within the city. For example, if you've arrived in Sydney for a holiday, then you can likely book a shuttle for as low as $11 per person to the CBD. Living in this area will allow you to walk to iconic attractions like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House instead of spending more on transport to get there.

Travel Light To Avoid Paying For Extra Luggage

Some shuttle services stipulate a certain number of bags or weight per person to ensure that the van isn't overloaded during transport from the airport to the hotel, especially if there are several passengers inside. Make sure you check this in advance and travel light, so that you don't end up paying for extra luggage. If you're travelling heavy for any particular reason, let the shuttle service know in advance because you might be able to score a freebie for your early booking.

Follow these smart discount tactics in your goal to bring down the costs of transport from the airport to your hotel.

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