Nine Things You Need On Your Party Bus

If you're planning to hire a bus for your pub crawl, your party outing, your beach trip or for some other exciting event with friends, you don't want to miss out on the essentials! But what should you be sure to take on the bus with you? Read on for a few great ideas that should get your trip up and running in excellent style.

  1. At least two people who are able to handle the driving. Most party busses will need to be driven by someone in your group, and it makes sense to have more than one person who is able to drive the bus in case something unexpected happens. This means that your designated drivers need to be licensed and insured to drive the kind of bus you've hired and remain sober enough to do so safely and within the confines of the law!

  2. Plenty of water and enough snacks to keep you all going. It's important to have food and water available, especially if your group is going to be drinking alcohol. It can be expensive to buy water on the road, so make sure you take plenty with you; sustaining snacks are also a good idea even if you're planning to stop for food.

  3. Enough variety for everyone to have something they like to drink. Everyone has their own favoured beverages, and one kind of drink isn't going to make everyone happy! If you're planning to drink on your trip, make sure you've got some beer, some wine and anything else that's a particular favourite of people in your group.

  4. Some upbeat music and the ability to play it both inside and outside the bus. Music is the lubrication for most good social gatherings, and a quiet bus won't get the party atmosphere going! Many party busses will have their own sound systems to which you can link your phones, but if yours doesn't, consider investing in a Bluetooth speaker so you can get the party started.

  5. Some emergency cash in case the bus has a problem that you need to deal with. Things don't always go according to plan, and you may find that you need to deal with an unexpected problem along the way. In most cases the hire company will recompense you for this, but you're likely to need to make the initial outlay for dealing with something like a flat tyre or unexpected fuel outage.

  6. A couple of games or pastimes for quieter moments. Sometimes even the best of gatherings need a little helping hand, and for a longer drive games and activities can be a great way to keep spirits high. Consider choosing team-based or cooperative games to encourage a friendly atmosphere.

  7. Contact details for the bus hire company. If something does go wrong, you'll need to talk to the hire company ASAP--so make sure that several people have the number on them just in case.

  8. A way for everyone to keep their phones charged all day long. These days we're all very attached to our devices, so it's a good idea to have the ability to keep them going! Try to take along two in-car chargers (one for Android phones and one for iPhones) and a fully-charged battery pack.

  9. A backup map in case your GPS system lets you down. If you end up in a place with no signal, it's helpful to still be able to figure out where you're going! Take a paper map of the area you'll be driving through along, just as a backup plan.

Just make sure you talk with the party bus hire company to make sure you don't bring anything onboard that the busses don't allow.

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