3 Reasons to Consider Starting an Aerial Tours Business

If you are looking at helicopter license training in order to open career doors, you may be considering freelancing. There are several freelance opportunities that a helicopter license can bring you, but there is one that allows you to open up several smaller businesses under the main one. That option is to start an aerial tours business. Here are three reasons why you should consider opening an aerial tours business after you get your helicopter license.

Multiple Tours Per Day

When you own an aerial tours business you have the ability to run multiple tours per day. This means that you can maximise your profits and offer large or small tours to various areas. You can also book time slots and charge for multiple tour slots. For example, if you offer one hour tours that start at the beginning of every hour, and you have a party that wants to be out for longer than the standard tour, you can charge for multiple booked hours. The combination of the ability to have multiple tours per day and charge extra for longer blocks helps you to create a more profitable financial margin for your business with your helicopter license.

Private Photography Tours

In addition to offering multiple tours and extended tour options, you can also offer special booking and tours for photographers. These tours can offer the photographer a specific amount of time to take images of specific areas. You can add areas to the tour as well. For example, assume you are offering an aerial tour of a specific city. You have a photographer that not only wants extra time to get aerial photography of specific monuments, but they also want to include neighbouring areas as well. You can charge for the initial tour, extended time, private booking and additional areas.

Special Location Tours

During certain seasons, for special events, and for requests you can offer special location tours. These tours can bring you clients you would not normally reach. These clients may want you to use your helicopter license to show them aerial views and an aerial photography as a special event. This is particularly true for wedding parties that may not have this chance later on due to finances or life experiences.

These are the three of the top reasons to consider starting an aerial tours business. There are other reasons you may find and other options that this type of business may open to you. Remember to check with your helicopter license training instructor to ensure you are getting the training necessary for this business endeavour.

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