How Packaging Affects the Effective Distribution of Pallets

Palletisation is not just another part of the manufacturing industry's supply and distribution chain, it is a necessity. In addition, it keeps products safe during transit and enhances the handling of materials. However, effective pallet distribution largely depends on packaging. This article highlights the importance of product packaging in pallet distribution. Keep reading for more insight.

Undisturbed Pallet Transportation

Packaging products before they are placed in pallets determine how well they hold during transportation. The reason is that proper packaging guarantees seamless movement of pallets in and out of transportation trucks and warehouses. For instance, if packaging protrudes out of a pallet's dimension, it is likely to catch other pallets or warehouse racks and spill the content. Therefore, if you want the easy transition of products from a warehouse to the destination, ensure that the products are packaged appropriately. You save time and cost since goods are continually moving in and out of a warehouse or business premise.

Effective Storage Space Management

The more pallets a truck can handle, the higher the number of goods it can transport. Nonetheless, you can only get the most out of transportation trucks if products are packaged accordingly. Most manufacturers believe that maximising truck space is only possible with regular-shaped or sized products. However, nothing could be further from the truth because even products with irregular shapes can be packaged and stored efficiently. It helps minimise the space that each pallet takes inside transportation trucks, increasing the number of packages you can accommodate. Besides, the distribution of products can be quite expensive if you process fewer pallets at a time. Therefore, proper packaging eliminates the costs since it allows manufacturers to process more pallets within a given timeframe.

Increased Productivity

Poor packaging poses a risk to warehouse and transportation employees. For instance, while modern warehouses use machines to move pallets from storage to transport trucks, workers still play a significant part in ensuring that pallets are stable. For example, workers move and secure product to different spots in a truck to ensure that every inch is utilised. Besides, packaging might cause severe injuries if it comes loose during loading or offloading. In addition, time wastage affects other players down the distribution chain. Conversely, proper packaging allows employees to move products and pallets confidently and efficiently, increasing overall productivity. Therefore, always inspect packaging before shrink-wrapping products on pallets for the safety of workers. Learn more about pallet distribution today. 

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